Android Backward Compatibility

There are a lot of versions of Android out in the wild at the moment. The latest being the Jelly Bean up-date (4.2) and the earliest (worth targeting) is Froyo (2.2). As a developer, you always want to be sure that your application … Continued

Responsive Web Design- Why Bother?

I’ve built a few responsive Web sites recently and each time, I question why bother? Surely, with modern mobile browsers, pinch and zoom and high-resolution screens, we should not have to worry about making a site work well with different … Continued

The Web Wrights Web site

Confession time: like the proverbial plumber, my Web site is in a mess! I had some free time between Christmas and the New Year (2013) and thought I’d spend a little time on my site. To my horror, I realised … Continued

Mobile Security Assesment

Let’s face it: Android often gets a bad rap over security. Whilst I’m not setting out to defend the platform here, I did think it worth talking about a great tool for assessing vlunerabilities: The Mercury Security Assesment Framework from … Continued