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XML Lies at the Heart of Modern Service Oriented Architecture

Central to the rise of modern SOA is Extensible Markup Language (XML). Developed as a simplification of SGML in the late 1990s, this simple text-based format provided both the inspiration and the mechanism for Web services.

The bottom line with XML is that it is just structured text. The power of XML lies in the fact that it pretty much allows any computing platform and language to process text. Add that to the fact that XML was created as a mechanism for the creation of application specific data structures, and we have a great mechanism for exchanging data between systems.

Web Services

Communication within modern SOA takes place using Web services. To implement them, we need to provide a set of protocols and formats to convert our abstract SOA triangle into a concrete implementation. To do this, we need:

  1. A platform- and language-independent messaging protocol
  2. A common language for writing service descriptions
  3. A standard mechanism for service requesters to bind to service
  4. A standard technique to publish and find descriptions in service registries

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